About übermut Project and THE SCHWARM

THE SCHWARM is an ongoing artistic photo and video application developed by Ars Electronica and visitBerlin to collect and contextualize creative content during the übermut Project. In the broadest sense, it is a cross-media system for an individual creative-sourced photo and video documentation. Like a central metaphor, creative individuals s(ch)warm out and capture footage during all activities of the übermut Project taking place around the world. By sharing their experiences and individual perspectives on the world, they build up a visual connection beyond borders. The growing crowd-sourced archive can be accessed via various interfaces starting with an interactive world map on www.ubermutproject.com. The übermut Project is an initiative of visitBerlin and Hamburg Marketing, funded by the German Federal Foreign Office. Its aim is giving the German arts and creative scene a global stage. Starting in 2017, übermut will be launching a series of actions to showcase creativity "made in Germany" around the world. Producing cultural spaces for cooperation, fueling civil society interchange, and daring the new.

übermut. Experience. Creativity.

The mobile phone application is accessible to the project participants and a carefully selected crowd of creative individuals worldwide. If you are interested in the program or in participating, we would love to get in touch with you: hello@ubermutproject.com.


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